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Sobkin Vladimir Samuilovich

   Scientific interests: sociology of education; infant, age and pedagogical psychology; psychology of art.

   Sobkin Vladimir Samuilovich is the initiator and the author of many significant research works in the sphere of sociology of education. He made a considerable contribution to development of theoretical and applied aspects of sociology of education, social, age and pedagogical psychology. Particularly he has worked out methodological principles of multiway sociological analysis of educational situation, suggested the idea of sociocultural educational trajectories, investigated types of parents’ upbringing strategies.

   In the beginning of the 90s he co-headed the developing of the first Russian Federal Target Complex Programme “Russian education during transitional period: stabilization and developmental programme” (1991). At the same time he was an adviser of the Minister of education on the problems of sociology, the head of social service and a member of Ministry board of education of the RF.

   In 1992 due to his initiative Centre for sociology of education RAE was established, and he became its director-organizer (up to nowadays). In 2008 the Centre was transformed into Institute for sociology of education RAE. It is the main organization which implements RAE complex programmes in the sphere of sociology of education. Under the guidance of V.S. Sobkin a number of large sociological research were carried out; they were aimed at receiving new fundamental knowledge and forming scientific potential for the development of sociology of education as a scientific discipline. The results of these investigations are implemented into scientific pedagogical practice and accelerate quality changes in educational sphere, its innovative development which provides institutional and functional modernization of Russian education and rise of its competitiveness.

   V.S. Sobkin is the head and the author of unique scientific research projects which were carried out within the bounds of Federal Target Programmes “Educational development in Russia”, “The children of Russia”, “The children of Chernobyl”, “Forming of tolerant attitudes and prevention of extremism in the Russian society” (2001 – 2005), “Informatization of educational system”. An analytic report about deviant displays of teenager subculture was prepared for UNESCO (“Teenager of the 90s: movement to risk zone”). A great amount of scientific applied studies were carried out under the guidance of V.S. Sobkin for several ministries and departments (Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, Moscow Department of education, Regional governing authorities of education of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Stavropolsk Krai, Republic of Karelia, Omsk region etc.). The results of these investigations were used to work out regional developmental educational programmes.

   V.S. Sobkin is Doctor of psychology, Professor, academician of the Russian Academy of education. He is the author of more than 500 scientific works, which were published both in Russia and abroad. Only during last years he published a number of monographs appreciated by scientific and pedagogical community: “Sociology of family upbringing: preschool age” (2002), “Problems of tolerance in teenager subculture” (2003), “ A teenager: virtuality and social reality” (2004, published in USA), “A teenager: norms, risks, deviations” (2005), “The attitude of participants of educational process towards informational communicational technologies” (2006), “A student of pedagogical university: life and professional prospects” (2007), “Monitoring of social consequences of informatization: what has changed at school during 3 years?” (2008), “Teachers’ attitude towards Common State Exam (on the materials of sociological research)” (2009). In addition, more than 25 issues were published in scientific series “Studies on sociology of education” edited by V.S. Sobkin.

   Under the guidance of V.S. Sobkin ISE RAE has become a scientific institution which effectively explores the problems of sociology connected with modernization of Russian education. Studies carried out in the Institute were recognized by scientific and pedagogical community. Scientific work team and V.S. Sobkin were awarded to Presidential Prize in the sphere of education in 2001. The Institute has postgraduate course and trains qualified specialists among young scientists. A big amount of Candidate Theses in sociology, psychology and pedagogy were successfully defended under the guidance of V.S. Sobkin. He is a member of Council on candidate and doctor theses defence in psychology (MSU, MPSU). Besides scientific and organizational activity, V.S. Sobkin is a chairman of Ethno-psychological section of the Russian psychological society, editor of scientific series “Studies on sociology of education”, a member of editorial board of the magazine “Voprosy Psychologii”, “Questions of mental health of children and teenagers” and other issues.

   V.S. Sobkin was awarded to “Honorary Science Worker of the RF” (October 2008) and was decorated with Medal “For service to motherland” II Degree (April 2004), Medal “In commemoration of 850 years of Moscow” (October 1997). In addition, he has such awards: Badge “Honorary worker of general education of the RF” (2002), the President Prize in the field of education for the year 2001, Letter of commendation of the Ministry of education (April 2000), Medal of K.D. Ushinsky “For service to pedagogic sciences” (June 1998), Golden medal of the Russian Academy of education “For achievements in science” (November 2007).