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Центр Социологии Образования

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About the Institute.

  The Centre for sociology of education of Russian Academy of Education was founded in the end of 1992 on the initiative of            V.S. Sobkin, who has been its director since then up to nowadays. It was renamed as Institute for sociology of education due to the structure reorganization of RAE in 2008. Since the moment of its foundation the Institute has been developing constantly: it accepts new employees, more than fifty research works were carried out, including research projects for scientific and public organizations. A great variety of scientific works were published and translations of important foreign sociological papers were made.

  ISE RAE is the main organization which implements RAE complex programmes in the sphere of sociology of education. Under the guidance of V.S. Sobkin it has become a scientific institution which effectively explores the problems of sociology connected with modernization of Russian education. The Institute’s scientific work team carried out a number of large sociological researches which were aimed at receiving new fundamental knowledge and forming scientific potential for the development of sociology of education as a scientific discipline. Studies carried out in the Institute were recognized by scientific and pedagogical community. The results of these investigations are implemented into scientific pedagogical practice and accelerate quality changes in educational sphere, its innovative development, which provides institutional and functional modernization of Russian education and rise of its competitiveness.

   Scientific work team and V.S. Sobkin were awarded to Presidential Prize in the sphere of education in 2001. The Institute also has postgraduate course and trains qualified specialists among young scientists.
   Nowadays the Institute continues working and developing rather actively. It collaborates with such organizations, funds and instates as:

Open Society Institute;

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO);

The International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD);

Ministry of education of the RF;

World Bank;

Moscow committee of education;

Council of culture and art under the President of the RF;

Academy of pedagogy and educational department of Riga (RPIVA, Латвия);

Trade and social policy Institute of Donetsk;

Kiev Institute of problems in administration of Gorshenin;

Eurasian national University of L.N. Gumilev (Republic of Kazakhstan);

Federal state institution “Federal Institute of educational development” (FSI “FIED”);

State institution “Moscow center of educational quality”;

The Pushkin state museum of fine arts;

Stavropol state agrarian university;

Psycho-pedagogical faculty in Institute of natural sciences and liberal arts of Federal state educational institution of Professional higher education “Siberian state university” (Krasnoyarsk);

Krai state autonomous educational institution of additional professional education (advanced training course)of  specialists “Krasnoyarsk krai institute of training and professional retraining of educationalists” (KKITPRE);

Moscow state educational institution of higher professional education “Moscow humanist pedagogical institute” (MHPI);

State educational institution of higher professional education “Moscow state regional university” (MSRU);

Moscow state budgetary educational institution of high education “Moscow theatrical college” under Moscow state culture institution “Moscow theatre of O. Tabakov”;

Slavic university in Moldova (Republic of Moldova);

Institution of the Russian Academy of education “Pedagogical educational institute” (PEI), Saint-Petersburg.

The Institute also takes part in a number of international projects.
We are willing to cooperate with you as well.

ISE RAE structure
Department for theoretical and methodological problems in sociology of education
Department for monitoring sociological researches in education
Department for preschool upbringing
Department for sociocultural problems of education and upbringing

Pogodinskaya str. 8, Moscow, Russia, 119121
tel.   (495) 708-38-56; (495) 708-38-58
fax (495) 708-38-57
e-mail: socioedu@socioedu.ru, sobkin@mail.ru


List of Institute’s Publications

ISE RAE work team